That’s Us

Companies are people. And these are the people who drive the Agile Academy. For good reasons.

Matthew Caine, Managing Director

M-CaineWhat motivates Matthew is simple: “When done well, Agile approaches make a difference to people’s lives, for the better because Agile organisations allow their people to go home satisfied, fulfilled having contributed”.

Matthew brings 25+ years of experience from across the IT sector. He has worked at software companies such as Avaloq and Infonic. He was also a senior consultant for 10 years at Logica, based in London, Zürich, Berlin and Geneva. In between he has also worked at Swiss Re in Zurich and New York.

After introducing Infonic to Agile methods, Matthew founded M.C. Partners & Associates and is the Managing Director of the Agile Academy Switzerland. In addition, he is a founding member of the Swiss Agile Leaders Circle, the Zurich “Responsive Organisations / Holacracy Meetup Group” and NineAligned, a startup association that creates organisations that are fit for humans.

He holds a Bachelors of Science degree, with Honors, in Computer Science from the University of Staffordshire in England. He is a member of the DSDM Consortium and Scrum Alliance. He has active, project experience in Scrum, SAFe, DSDM and Kanban in IT and non-IT environments such as Marketing & Digital Communications.

When he is not public speaking on the theme of people and agility, he can be found in a wild remote corner of Scotland following his life-long passion of fishing.

  • +41 79 936 7060

Claudia Hesse, Head of Sales & Marketing

ClaudiaI can only sell, what I really believe in and where I see and feel that whatever I have to offer to my clients, makes a difference, makes them happier and in the best case more profitable and is not some rubbish (pardon my language) sold for the sake of selling. So, some 3 years ago Matthew found me (a proof that LinkedIn works) and I was introduced to Agile methods. Well, admittedly it took me some thorough looking into the topic of Agile, before I realized that it is really exciting. Because it is not only a process and some nerdy IT stuff, but in actual fact quite a lot of common sense and an attitude. And one I like very much as it helps not only to become more effective, but also creates a much better working atmosphere and motivated people. And I can be a part of making this happen – that’s great!”

Some (very long) time ago Claudia kind of stumbled into the just developing IT market, as it happened there and then. Innovation after innovation and creative young people made this area of business very exciting, so she ended up staying there, focused on IT distribution, mainly storage products, on a national and international level. Claudia worked in the positions of product management, vendor relationship management and sales and marketing. After 15 years in that business segment Claudia decided to start her own business and became a partner of an IT publishing company, which she still is besides promoting and living the Agile way.

Claudia studied business administration in Germany, and has been living and working in Switzerland since 2004. When she’s not busy with clients or marketing campaigns, she enjoys her horses, archery, walking her dog and singing. Not all at the same time though.

  • +41 78 943 69 74