Speed-Up the Team’s Desire and Momentum to be Agile

Who is this Workshop For?

Any team that feels they can “do” Agile, but have the feeling that they are not “being” Agile.

It is also perfect for any group that is looking to raise motivation levels, and are looking at Agile as a possible solution to their motivation question. This workshop will help any team understand how and why Agility helps the holy-grail of motivation.


Why Organise this Workshop?

If, today, you see, feel or experience:

  • People want to be Agile, but just cannot get there
  • No real improvement in the teams for 6 months or more
  • Some people are still reluctant to the Agile way for working
  • People do not see what is in it for them

Then this workshop may be for you.

Scrum, for example is easy. The Scrum Guide is famously only 20 pages long. The ceremonies themselves are fairly straightforward and there are plenty of guidelines and material available to help with the dynamics of standups etc.

So, to “do” Agile is relatively easy. But “being” Agile is much harder.

To “be” Agile requires in-depth personal reflection, mindset change and the ability to “let go” of previous attitudes and practices.

In order to do this we need a moment. A special moment, an “ah-ha!” moment where our awareness to “be” is raised and desire to know more is fulfilled.

This workshop is designed to be that “ah-ha” moment, and it starts with why.

Money back guarantee

Our workshops are here to help you resolve current issues so you can progress in what you do. We believe that we deliver the best we can to you based on our experiences and your organisation’s needs and try to make sure of that when talking to you upfront.

Should you however, not be happy with the result of the workshop, you can ask to get your money back (within 30 days after the workshop). And you will – guaranteed.

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Workshop Description

Based on what is discovered during the 45 minute investigation call, we will explore a number of techniques that will raise awareness to “be” Agile in your team. We will look at aspects of Agility and how they relate to what motivates us as individuals.

Therefore, we will also look at the individual and how the journey to “be” Agile actually starts with them. This way, there is personal gain as well as team gain.

In every case we will look at examples from real-life teams from different market sectors and team sizes to understand how the techniques were applied, but we will also seek to understand how they worked and most importantly why they worked.

We will then identify the one thing that your team will focus on in the time period immediately after the workshop, after which we will follow-up to make sure progress is made.

Topics for the Team may include some of the following, non-exclusive list:

  • Understanding what you believe Agility to be
  • The three keys of Motivation
  • How Agility maps to Motivation, especially the Agile ceremonies
  • Complexity and complicated problems and how Agility is natural fit
  • How Agility affects community & communication
  • Discovering where your team fits
  • Identifying the one key thing that will immediately help your team

Topics of interest to the individuals may include

  • Why we need coffee conversations with remote team members
  • How Agility can help the individual – “what is in it for me”

Most Important Information at a Glance

  • 45 min investigation call
  • 3 hours onsite workshop
  • 1 hour for set-up and clean-up
  • Photo-protocol plus PDF copies of workshop material
  • 30 min follow-up call, 2-3 weeks later
  • English (German on request)
  • CHF 3500 excl VAT (plus reasonable expenses if traveling).
  • Min 3, Max 12 people

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