Our Story

This section of a website tends to be rather tiring – we try to break this trend and in fact really tell you a bit of a story.

The Idea

….originated from having seen a lot of individuals in organisations and whole companies struggle with a number of things:

  • Frustration
  • No motivation, which by the way costs a lot of money and leaves people unhappy
  • A sincere lack of transparency: even in a team people don’t seem to know what everybody else is working on
  • Projects hardly ever finished on time. Not even mentioning the budget issue.

Obviously this raised the question how this unlucky combination could be tackled: The ultimate goal would be to meet deadlines, stay within the given budget whilst people worked autonomously and were allowed to develop a sense of mastery in what they do. All of which leads to delighted customers and clients. This of course leads to happy and motivated people, who feel that their work has a purpose and thus go home fulfilled. Sounds a bit like mission impossible, however, it isn’t.

Matthew Caine,
Managing Director Agile Academy

The Solution

We discovered this when becoming involved in Agile approaches. And by the looks of it Agile concepts contain all the above ingredients to achieve the above. But how could we bring the message into corporates and teams to actually make it happen. This was the start of the Agile Academy as a part of M.C. Partners & Associates in Zurich. In the beginning we focused on the IT sector – no big surprise, considering that Agile methods have their origins exactly there, however, we quickly found that Agile principles make a lot of sense in other business areas too. This is because it is about PEOPLE and RESULTS.

The Academy

So this led to the situation that in 2011 we were the first Agile Academy offering a full package of Agile courses in Switzerland. For beginners and experts, basically irrelevant to the area of the company you are working, if you are a manager or a team member.

Working in an Agile way is a huge change from the traditional ways of working. It does make a difference. For you, your employees and your clients and customers. And it’s fun! (No kidding here, but real experience!)

However, in August 2013, we decided to STOP offering public courses. Why? Well, this was because although delegates loved our courses, they were not allowed to apply the material as they were the only “Agile warrior”. The result: They became frustrated and in some cases actually resigned. This is a lose-lose-lose situation. Not ideal – to say the least.


Once upon a time, our clients needed and wanted Scrum coaching, or help with Kanban, DSDM or SAFe. Now though, many clients no longer require such coaching. Instead they require help with specific pain-points that they cannot resolve themselves. In other words, our clients need a simple “push” over the hill.

In 2016 we looked back at our engagements with clients and realised that they were faced with common challenges that we found ourselves resolving at one client and then the next and so on. A pattern emerged. As we had already resolved them at different organisations, we decided to focus on offering help in those areas. As a results this Agile Academy stopped offering standard off-the-shelf or indeed tailored standard training.

The benefits to our clients are

  • No long-term commitment for an Agile coach
  • Tried and tested solutions used in other organisations
  • Short-term availability, usually available within weeks, rather than months
  • All backed by real-World experience

Then, in the winter of 2016, we launched the online courses to provide our clients with ideas, assistance and help, immediately, without having to engage us directly. As the videos are available globally, they also allowed us to scale our vision globally: To inspire minds and get results.

The Future

Of course we can’t predict it. However, we can see that the learning landscape keeps evolving. One thing is for sure, we need to give you access not only to knowledge whenever you need it and have time, but also to experts in their fields through more diverse online coaching and interactive sessions… and all in easily digestible units and at reasonable prices.

Start now be checking out our free Online course or have samples sent directly to your inbox.

You are unsure how Agile can help you or if at all? Or you have a specific question on any Agile? Matthew and Claudia are happy to give you advice and answer your questions. The first 15 minutes are free – after that you decide if you still want or need our help!