Online Courses

Each of the workshops has a dedicated set of videos, known as a series. These are represented as columns in the table below.

Before you buy them, we insist that you test them first. So, we have two free test options for you:

Get an Entire Online Series for Free

Get access to all the videos that are available for “Series 1 How to Boost the Capacity of Your Agile Team”. This is shown by the orange box below. To get access, simply open an account. You will then get the complete experience including handouts, references etc.

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Send Me Five Free Samples to My Email

We will send your five videos direct to you email account. These are the first videos from the first five series. The five videos are shown in green in the table below. Just provide your email address. Once confirmed we will send one video per day for you watch, learn something unique and enjoy.

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Why are they Not Free?

We are asked this frequently. Afterall, there are many free Agile courses available on YouTube or Udemy etc.

We believe that most of the content available online, today, covers generic Agile skills, covering topics found in standard courses, such as “Why Agile?”, “What is Scrum?” and “Story Mapping”. They make the standard certification courses available online so that the exams can be passed remotely. Of course there are then specialist courses, covering SAFe and Product Ownership.

These courses however, are unique. They represent Agile knowledge built up with 20+ clients of different sizes, sectors and cultures, since 2009 and shared with you.