Immediately Release the Frustrations in Your Team with Powerful Retrospectives

Who is this Workshop For?

Any team that feels their retrospectives have become a little stale, or worse, feel that they are a waste of time, because nothing changes anyway.

It is also perfect for teams that are unaware of retrospectives but believe in continuous improvement, but are looking for a “safe” way to openly discuss where they could get better.

None, but a history of retrospectives would be advantageous.

Why Organise this Workshop?

If, today, you see, feel or experience:

  • A drop in enthusiasm for Retrospectives
  • A lack of new ideas or solutions
  • Tensions clearly discussed outside of the retrospective, but not actually addressed within it
  • There is an “elephant” in the room, but no one is talking about it

Then this workshop may be for you.

As we know it is no longer best-practice to run a “lessons learned” session at the end of a 1.5 year project. We all know that is waste.

We also now know that we need to get better at how we work, during the work itself. This means taking time regularly to identify issues and finding time to actually implement measures.

The classic Scrum “Retrospective” is a great way to do this. Yet after a while they can become dull or boring or just “tired”.

In this workshop we will inject new energy into your retrospectives, to kick-start continuous improvement.

Money back guarantee

Our workshops are here to help you resolve current issues so you can progress in what you do. We believe that we deliver the best we can to you based on our experiences and your organisation’s needs and try to make sure of that when talking to you upfront.

Should you however, not be happy with the result of the workshop, you can ask to get your money back (within 30 days after the workshop). And you will – guaranteed.

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Workshop Description

Based on what is discovered during the 45 minute investigation call, we will explore a number of techniques that the whole team can benefit from. In addition, we will look at aspects of retrospection that affect not just the team but individuals as well. This way, there is personal gain as well as team gain.

In every case we will not only look at how the techniques can be applied, but we will also seek to understand how they work and most importantly why they work.

We will then identify the one thing that the team will focus on in the time period immediately after the workshop, after which we will follow-up to make sure progress is made.

Topics for the Team may include some of the following, non-exclusive list:

  • Starting the Retrospective with awareness.
  • Understand how trust is the Foundation of the Retrospective
  • Introducing powerful trust-based questions
  • Understanding why Retrospectives fail
  • What to do when Retrospectives become waste
  • Common pitfalls, for example “My problem vs Our problem”
  • How to discover the “unknown-unknowns” that may help the team
  • Managing cross-team retrospectives and measures
  • Making the decision of “which action to do first” easy
  • Using “Breakout sessions” to discover actions
  • Ensuring measures get actioned using MoSCoW prioritisation

Topics of interest to the individuals may include

  • The power of personal journaling
  • Understanding why getting better is not just for you

Most Important Information at a Glance

  • 45 min investigation call
  • 3 hours onsite workshop
  • 1 hour for set-up and clean-up
  • Photo-protocol plus PDF copies of workshop material
  • 2 hours follow-up retrospective observation, debrief and feedback
  • 30 min follow-up call, 2-3 weeks later
  • English (German on request)
  • CHF 3500 excl VAT (plus reasonable expenses if traveling).
  • Min 5, Max 12 people

May be you would prefer to see our online videos first?

We have over 1hr 30mins of video on the subject of Rebooting Your Retrospectives.

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