Stop Blame and Finger Pointing in Your Virtual Agile Teams

Who is this Workshop For?

Any Agile team or teams that is not co-located, that work on the same product or system or project.

In other words, this is for any team that is spread geographically across continents or as close as the next room because they are then not co-located. Why? Because they cannot passively overhear conversations.

The team(s) has been working together, in an Agile way, for at least 3-4 months (i.e. 6-8 sprints) and the topic of “communication” appears one way or another in almost every retrospective.

Why Organise this Workshop?

If, today, you see, feel or experience:

  • Signs of “them-and-us”
  • Blaming the others: Finger pointing
  • Little pro-active information sharing
  • The team members do not know each other’s passions or out-of-work activities

Then this workshop may be for you.

Virtual and remote teams are a reality in today’s world, but Agilists often cite “co-location” as a prerequisite. This is however, not realistic.

Plus, with remote and virtual teams, the feeling of “Them-and-Us” will always be a threat, resulting in a breakdown of trust, which is the very foundation of teamwork.

This is all complicated by the simple fact that the lack of face-to-face contact will compound misunderstandings even further.

Therefore, we will look to expose all of these issues with the team and formulate measures to improve the team.

Money back guarantee

Our workshops are here to help you resolve current issues so you can progress in what you do. We believe that we deliver the best we can to you based on our experiences and your organisation’s needs and try to make sure of that when talking to you upfront.

Should you however, not be happy with the result of the workshop, you can ask to get your money back (within 30 days after the workshop). And you will – guaranteed.

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Workshop Description

This workshop will help the attendees to understand what a remote / virtual team is and how in fact, an Agile team is much better placed to be successful in terms of results than a traditional team.

We will then run the most important part: To expose the lack of common understanding of the purpose of the work, the roles, responsibilities and people within the team. This can be quite a revelation, as it may expose misunderstandings for all to see.

Finally, we will look at how we improve on the current-state whilst also improving the Agile ceremonies so that they work for remote teams.

Topics for the Team may include some of the following, non-exclusive list:

  • What is a remote / virtual team?
  • What is community decay and how to reduce it?
  • The balance of physical & electronic boards
  • Your team member views on actual roles, responsibilities and people
  • The impact on remote / virtual teams and their Agile ceremonies – what can we do?

Topics for the individual include:

  • What can you do to build a sense of community?
  • The power of seeking to understand before seeking to be understood

Most Important Information at a Glance

  • 45 min investigation call
  • 3 hour onsite workshops
  • 1 hour for set-up and clean-up
  • Photo-protocol plus PDF copies of workshop material
  • 30 min follow-up call, 2-3 week after the workshop
  • English (German on request)
  • CHF 4000 excl VAT (plus reasonable expenses if traveling).
  • 8-20 people

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