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Without you there is no us. We want to know all about you and where you want to be in the future. The world we live in is changing fast. It is vibrant, sometimes a bit unreal or even crazy and definitely astounding. We believe that everybody should have the chance to take over responsibility in their job, get the appropriate recognition in an environment that encourages learning and is fun.

Are you willing and prepared to think differently and are you keen on making things happen? We would love to help you on the journey to your future with our workshops, online courses or indeed with our advice and coaching. Whenever you are ready!

What can you learn?

Our workshops generally suck-in aspects from different Agile methodologies and use them, where appropriate. We also allow ourselves to use material from other sources of practice and research, from both the academic and the business Worlds.

We are sure you have a certain objective in mind while you are looking through our workshops, so let’s assume that you are prepared for some if not all of the following:

You need practical, proven solutions that work

Our workshops include a number of solutions that have worked elsewhere. These will always be discussed in advance with you.

The most suitable will be chosen and agreed with you and we will always include an element that focuses on the individual, as well as the team.

You want workshops that raise awareness and desire to change

There has to be action after the workshop. We are not prepared for the response of "it was a nice day". We all need to see a change afterwards and the solutions must be actionable now.

That will only come if the people become aware and then have the desire to make the change happen.

You want exercises that highlight your issues, not theory

Theory is all well and good. However, every single client we have worked with wants to see results that are relevent to their environment, not someone elses. Therefore, our exercises are designed to allow your people to provide the input out of which the issues emerge.

Some things you should know

Most of our workshops are held in English but may also be held in German. Let us know if you would prefer German.

We provide workshops – for you and your team and we know that many people have a basic understanding of Agile, but not a deep understanding… Hence we offer a better solution, one that addresses a specific issue you may have, with a solution that has been proven to work elsewhere.

At the Agile Academy we believe in providing help of the highest quality in all regards, not just in the workshop itself. As such we pride ourselves in delighting our clients of the Academy by providing:

  • Bespoke workshop offers, i.e. for multinational organisations or small niche boutiques.
  • Quality professional workshops with a personal connection.
  • Workshop sizes starting at 6, but no larger than 12.
  • Uniquely experienced facilitator / coach / consultant that has been actively involved in Agile implementations for many years and is enthusiastic in passing on not only the workshop content but also his experiences.
  • All support material.
  • The option to address the issues online, using our own unique Online Course offers.

General Terms and Conditions

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