One day I received an enquiry from a potential client asking for a Scrum course. So I asked him: “What is it that you are trying to improve by using Scrum? Infact why go Agile at all?” Well, this resulted in a longer conversation, we finally went to see the client and found that what he required, was not Scrum, but a number of different workshops to tackle specific issues. One team was dysfunctional, another was new to user stories and story mapping while a third needed help to correctly model their kanban board.

One does not fit all
This is just one example of a fairly regular occurrence: Most companies have evolved over time in their organisation, processes and even with the desire to “become Agile”, those factors cannot be ignored. Pains and requirements are normally specific to that organisation: One-fits-all training does not really work well to cater for those individual needs.

What is the right mix?
One Agile method clearly does not fix all problems. Yet it is critical to help companies and the people working within those to find solutions to the issues they face to become more competitive in their market place.

It is hardly ever that a single Agile method can be implemented or should I say imposed on, as we don’t start from a blank piece of paper, but work with your structure and culture and apply individual, tailored techniques that we believe will help you.

Improving while already working Agile
Many companies are already working in an Agile way. But might have issues with prioritizing requirements. A very typical example is when everything appears to be a “Must” all the time – no stakeholder wants to step back from their wish list. Or the communication does not really flow and the standups in front of the Kanban board are pointless for the team.

Modular and flexible

  • To address both of those areas we have decided to provide you with a set of modular workshops to fill in the gaps and help you improve when you already on the Agile journey
  • We teach you those elements and tools of Agile which will help you to get better and to get rid of your pains – which elements are the right ones for you, we will find out together

The workshops will have a duration between 2 and 4 hours – this depends pretty much on the topic.

Here’s a first list for you to pick and choose (and if you are not sure, you can always book Matthew or me for a call to clarify).

You are unsure how Agile can help you or if at all? Or you have a specific question on any Agile? Matthew and Claudia are happy to give you advice and answer your questions. The first 15 minutes are free – after that you decide if you still want or need our help!