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Recognising your unique circumstances, we provide the most appropriate, unique and proven workshops and online experiences to help you, your team, or your whole organisation.

Here are some of our workshops…

Boost the Capacity of Your Team Faster Than Adding People

This is suitable for any team that has too much to do, has been under pressure for sometime and where adding additional resources is simply not an option such as teams subjected to a hiring freeze. More...

Immediately Regain Control of your Agile Project and Stop Work Slipping

Brilliant for teams that have difficulty keeping on track or are unable to demonstrate that they are in control of their Agile deliverables, for example postponing stories. More...

Identify and Eliminate the Things that Keep Your Team Busy

Calling any group of people that wants to take their effectiveness and efficiency to the next level, as a team or as individuals, especially knowledge-workers! Eliminate frustrations you never even recognised. More...

Our Videos

Brilliant! The videos are nicely produced and I liked the personal touch when watching them. Also I like the scribbles whilst the story is told because I am a visual guy who loves to draw and see pictures while someone tells me how it works. And the fun factor is that the writing does not sync perfectly to what you would like to say. It’s like a team discussion where you explain things to me.Christian Stettler, Product Owner, NZZ Management AG

You may prefer our online videos, so that you can watch them at a time and place suits you.

Each workshop has its own series of hand-drawn personal videos, so before you commit to a workshop, why not try the videos? You’ll get to meet Matthew Caine who takes you through each one.

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    Unique Videos

    Real content, exercises and techniques.

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    Agile Coach's Tricks

    Gathered at 20+ clients from all sectors.

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    References & Handouts

    To deepen your knowledge further.

Our videos are hosted and you have the choice of purchasing either:

Either way, have fun with them!

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Talk to Us – We are here to help

You are unsure how Agile can help you or if at all? Or you have a specific question on any Agile? Matthew and Claudia are happy to give you advice and answer your questions. The first 15 minutes are free – after that you decide if you still want or need our help!

How much do you really know about being Agile?

Go on, have a bit of fun and check-out our Agile quiz.


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