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Agile Academy Switzerland

Providing you with the most appropriate inhouse courses. For you, for your team, for the whole organisation and your individual situation.

Improve your interpersonal skills

All people in the team have great skills in their jobs, however, team work and communication can be really tricky. With the result that the atmosphere and the results suffer. Learn in our courses how to improve this situation and how to lead Agile teams.

Increase your productivity

Too little time, too much to do. Wasting time because the communication in the team (or the organisation) sucks. Projects not finished on time. And possibly delivering the wrong result. Sounds familiar? We can help.

Get certified

… maybe to complement your CV or because your employee or you find a certificate important. We have a number of course which give you exactly that: DSDM, Agile project management, Kanban and a few more.

What is in it for you?

Why would you get in touch with us and what can we do for you?

Well, a fair question – we understand that time is a premium and you need to be sure that you get what you need. And in case you don’t exactly know what you need, that you are talking to somebody who can help you finding that out.

To make it even easier to understand how we can help you during your Agile learning and transformation and what we can do for you and how, I have summarized our services in this video.

Claudia Hesse

What is the right course for you?

Have you come across Agile and decided that this is the way to go for you or your team, but wondered how to start and what course to take to get the “right” knowledge to go ahead?

Not an easy choice and one that should be well considered from a number of perspectives: What is your current pain? What would you like to change or what do you want to improve?

I will walk you through some examples in this video…or download the flowchart (pdf) and find out how your next step can look like.

Please complete the following for access to the flowchart(pdf).


Talk to Us – We are here to help

You are unsure how Agile can help you or if at all? Or you have a specific question on any Agile? Matthew and Claudia are happy to give you advice and answer your questions. The first 15 minutes are free – after that you decide if you still want or need our help!

How much do you really know about being Agile?

Go on, have a bit of fun and check-out our Agile quiz.


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